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__ |__|__ __| | Related article: Harry thought. Buy Clonazepam He let his eyes wander over his environment. If it is really a palace where they were seated, there was a strange, with chairs in rows and small pieces of railing placed here and there, and yet he and Dumbledore and the stunted creatures under the chair are the only beings. So, the answer was on the lips with ease, without effort. " He took my blood," said Harry. " stretching," said Dumbledore. "He took blood and rebuilt his living body with it! His blood in his veins, Harry, Lily's protection in both! I thethered to life, live! " "I live as he lives... ? But I thought... I thought it would be reversed, I thought the two had to die or is it the same? " He was behind the wailing and beating of the tortured creature, glancing back at what else distracted time. " Are you sure we do nothing ? " " No help is possible. " " Then... explain more," said Harry, Dumbledore, smiling. " You were the seventh HorcruxTo Harry, the Horcrux he never meant. He had his soul so unstable that it broke when he committed the acts of unspeakable evil, murder of parents who tried to kill a child. But what flew out of the room was still less than they knew. He left behind more than his body behind. He left a part of it is blocked for you, aspiring victims who had survived. "and remained woefully incomplete knowledge, Harry Voldemort does not value what it takes to conceive any difficulty. Of house-elves and children's tales, of love, loyalty, and innocence, Voldemort knows and understands nothing. Nothing. they all have a power beyond itself, is a power beyond the reach of any magic, a truth that he has never understood. " he believed that the blood, that would strengthen him. He had in his body a small part of the magic of his mother put on you, if they died for you. His body keeps her sacrifice alive, and while that enchantment survives, so what does Voldemort one last hope for themselves. " Dumbledore smiled at Harry, and Harry stared at him. " You know what? They knew - I was suspicious from the start, "". However, my assumptions have generally been good, "said Dumbledore cheerfully, and they sat in silence, which seemed a long time, while the creature behind them continued to mourn and tremble. " More, "said Harry. "There is more than that. Why did my wand break the wand he borrowed ? "" For that, I can not be sure. "" Have a guess, then, "said Harry and Dumbledore laughed. " What you must understand, Harry, is that you and Lord Voldemort traveled together in areas of magic hitherto unknown and unproven. But this is what n I think happened, and that is unprecedented, and not the manufacturer of the wall could, I think, have ever Buy Clonazepam predicted or explained to Voldemort. "unintentionally, as you know now, Lord Voldemort doubled the bond between you, a human form when you return. Was part of his soul is still attached to you, and, thinking to strengthen himself, he took a part of the sacrifice of his mother to himself. If only he understood the terrible power of accurate and the victim, there would perhaps have dared to touch your blood.... Buy Clonazepam But then, if he understood the situation, could not Lord Voldemort and murdered perhaps nothing have. " Having ensured this two-way connection Buy Clonazepam with their destinies together involved more confident than ever two wizards were joined in history, led to Voldemort with a wand that a nuclear attack with you. And now something very strange happened, as we know. the cores reacted in a way that Lord Voldemort, who never knew his wand was a twin he had hoped. "He was more scared than I was that night, Harry. She had accepted, even embraced the possibility of death have to do something about Lord Voldemort never able to. His courage, his wand dominated. And something happened between the bars, echo something thand relationship between their masters. " I think your wand recognized part of the power and qualities of Voldemort 's wand that night, saying it is a little restrained by Voldemort and drunk. So your wand recognized him when he is being followed, a man, both family and mortal enemies, and is regurgitated some of his own magic against him, magic much more powerful than anything Lucius 's wand had ever made was his magic wand now contained the power of his enormous courage and self- capacity Voldemort mortal. ' s likely that the poor stick of Lucius Malfoy standing? "" But if my wand was so powerful, how come Hermione was able to break, " said Harry. " My dear boy, remarkable effects were only Voldemort, who wisely so bad with the deepest laws of magic had manipulated the information. Only against him was that wand abnormally. Otherwise it was a magic wand like any other... but hey, I'm sure, " Dumbledore finished kindly. Harry sat in thought for a long timeor perhaps seconds. It was very difficult to obtain certainty about things like this again. " I killed him with his wand. " " I could kill you with my magic wand," Dumbledore corrected Harry. "I think we agree that you are not dead - but of course," he added, fearing it was rude, "I can not minimize their suffering, I am sure he was serious. " " I feel at the big time, but, " said Harry, looking at his hands clean and spotless. "Where are we ? " " Well, I ask you, " said Dumbledore, looking around. "Where would you say are we?" until he had asked Dumbledore, Harry is not known. But now he felt he was ready to give an answer. "It looks like this," he said slowly, "as King Cross station. Except it cleaner and void, and no trains so Buy Clonazepam I can see. " " Kings Cross station !" Dumbledore was smiling broadly. "Lord God, really? " " Well, where do you think we are?" Harry asked, a little defensively. Buy Clonazepam " My dear boy, I wasI have no idea. That's how you say your party. " Harry had no idea what that meant,.. Dumbledore is angry, stared, and then a more pressing question was when the current location " The Deathly Hallows, "said , and was glad to see that the words wiped the smile from the face of Dumbledore. " Oh yes," he said. he had looked a little Buy Clonazepam worried. " well? " For the first time since Harry met Dumbledore, who looked less like an old man, far from it. Looked like a child caught in wrongdoing. " Can you forgive me ? "He said. " Can you forgive me for not trusting you? Not to say? Harry, I have fear that would fail, since it had failed. I was afraid you just make my fault. I beg your pardon, Harry. I have known for some time that you are the best people. " " What are you talking about? "Asked Harry, startled by the sudden sound of tears in the eyes of Dumbledore. " Relics, Relics, "muttered Dumbledore. " A desperateman and the dream ! "", but they are real ! " " real and dangerous, and a lure for fools, "said Dumbledore. " And I was so stupid. But you know, right? I have no secrets for you no more. You know that. " " What do I know? " Dumbledore turned the whole body into Harry's face and tears in his eyes still glowed bright blue. " Master of Death, Harry, master of Death! I was better, in short, Voldemort? "" Of course, " said Harry. " Of course - how could you want? You can never kill if you can avoid ! "" True, true, "said Dumbledore, and he was like a child for comfort. " But I was looking for a way to death, to beat Harry. "" is not the way it did, "said Harry. After all his anger at Dumbledore, how odd it was to sit here under the high vaulted ceiling, and defend Dumbledore from himself. " Relics, not Horcruxes. "" Relics, "muttered Dumbledore, " no Horcruxes. Exactly. " is a break. The creature behind them whimpered, but Harry was gone. " Grindelwald was looKing also for them? "I asked. Dumbledore closed his eyes for a moment and nodded.
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